Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Maybe the silver moon, a smile rising?

I hate to sound like the weekly news, but there's really nothing to warrant more frequent posts. Haven't been reading much, did watch a few movies. But most of my off time's going into a somewhat insane mountain challenge. Let's not go into the details of that. It's depressing. :)
I guess My Life Without Me would deserve a mention. The last time I'd watched it was at least about 6 years back. It was awesome, but also awesomely depressing! So I've been carrying it around on a succession of portable and some not so portable media since then, but every time I'd plan on watching it, I would invariably settle for something else. By the time I did watch it last week, I'd forgotten much of it. I still definitely love it. And I still just as definitely find it super depressing. But Sarah Polley has one of those hyper expressive faces that's just so awesome to watch!!!
Oh! I also managed to beg, coerce and wrangle my way into a work-boat trip :D. It was good to get off the ship for a bit. A very welcome change of scenery, albeit short-lived.On the one hand, not a lot has been happening, by way of undue excitement on the job that is. But on the other hand, the days seem to be pretty much hurtling past! Good thing? The first, absolutely! The second? Should be, shouldn't it? Why the nagging sense of disquiet then?
It's been a long time since I took the time to step outside into the night. Out here though, close to the mouth of the mighty Mississippi, it's not just the stars that twinkle in the dark. As you look north, the horizon is marked out by an almost continuous string of distant lights of platforms and rigs. Maybe the occasional brighter leap of a real flame, a flare.I wish all the things that make life in general a mess would sort themselves out while I was busy doing something else. Everyone does I suppose. But it hardly ever works that way. More often than not, they go and get more messed up behind your back :-<. Convictions are like words in tattoos. At some point you thought they were the best, most bullet-proof idea you've ever had. And then things changed, and left you looking like a fool.

Feeling: inexplicably bummed
Listening to: The Weepies - World spins madly on

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