Thursday, 29 April 2010

Round and round in circles

Thankfully, those last couple of days did slip by without incident. Turned out to be a very peaceful trip then, work-wise. Trouble with that is, it can only get worse from there. Then again, that's exactly the sort of thinking that gets you depressed :P.Had a reasonably peaceful trip back. Even managed to sort of slip in and out of a fitful half-sleep for part of the trans-Atlantic flight. Which, I think, helped keep me more or less wide awake through the long transit in Dubai.And if only I'd tipped the waitress at IAH a dollar less, or at MSY, I'd have managed to get a copy of what appears to be Nick Hornby's latest, Juliet, Naked. No matter, seeing how I finally got that bloody elusive debit card in hand today, I should be able to grab a copy in the near future. Did find another few bits and pieces that have been waiting for me a few months. Including the PADI OWD card! Which is a good thing, 'cos I managed to lose the temporary one last break. Yup, it was in that wallet :|. Which reminds me, I should to get a wallet. Or not.I was a bit surprised with the silence at the spot I'd picked for my hours in Dubai International. I sat there for a bit, between the end of a movie and switching the music back on again. I could hear nothing! No announcements, no footsteps. No words floating by from a distance. Wasn't for long though. A half dozen flights probably landed right about then and all too soon the peace was overrun by an army of noises. I just hit play and sank back out of the world of background noises.

Currently: looking forward to sleep sans alarm :)
Listening to: Kate Nash - Nicest thing

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