Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Blink blink

It's been raining a bit. Last night the wind blew my bedroom window open and splattered a few drops on my otherwise unremarkable long weekend.Finally watched Martian Child. And a ton of other movies I'd been meaning to watch for the last few months, years etc. John Cusack is awesome. And I like the movie. Incidentally, has anyone ever seen a John Cusack movie without Joan Cusack in it? I'm sure there are a few, but couldn't be many :). Oh wait! There was Serendipity. But that was crap anyway. Good soundtrack though.

Still need to go see IM2 in the theatre. Maybe tonight. It was raining the last time I exited the theatre. I put my phone and cash (still no wallet) in my jacket, took it off, folded it up tightly and tucked it under my arm. Then walked out from under cover. The others seemed to think it was a stupid idea, I have no idea why...

The Serendipity soundtrack reminds me, I finally got a hold of most of Nick Drake's stuff. I find it extremely hard to believe the music's early '70s. Somehow. Sounds a lot more contemporary than that. Maybe that's why it didn't really get popular till a decade or more afterwards. I so wish all these people wouldn't go and kill themselves in their twenties. Sad life it must be. Then again, who am I to judge?

Oh, and my post Regina Spektor and The Weepies object of musical fascination is now Kina Grannis. Right, that's enough nothing for now.

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