Saturday, 8 May 2010

Broken clay

And there it goes, my break, over. And while I'm not heading back to the boat, I will be heading back to work come Monday night. I definitely like my office-first way of spending the break better :|. At least I had enough time to finally sort through the massive amount of music I've collected in the last six months or so. And the photographs from the last three.

I must say the short trip down to Asansol proved to be unexpectedly successful. A brand new driver's license materialised in my hands within a single day! And I don't mean a temporary chit, it was the proper printed card!! Anyone with any concept of the monumental bureaucratic mess that is the WB State Transportation Department, would realise that this is nothing short of a miracle. Anyway, this now means that I can drive again :).The other part of the trip, to Shantiniketan, wasn't so awesome. It was necessary though. I've heard it said that we should remember one who has passed away by the way (s)he had lived. Sometimes that inadvertently turns into dismantling a lifetime. Taking it apart piece by piece. Thing is, there's never any guarantee that you'd be able to put it back together right. Chances are you wont.

Creations are a reflection of the soul, they say. Indistinct reflections in a scratched and dirty mirror, they should add. You could read anything in those images. No matter how large a profusion of reflections, you might never end up with a clear view of even a part of the mind, let alone the whole.I stared at twisted lips and craning necks for three whole days and came away no wiser. I also twisted and mangled the last barely finished creation of once familiar hands. I couldn't help it. It was soft, the clay gave in my hands before I could do anything about it.

I cant help feeling a twinge of guilt at that.

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