Thursday, 13 May 2010


So apparently miracles do happen! Beyond all hope, I found out yesterday, that my long lost (well, okay, not that long, but still) wallet has in fact, been found!!! Okay, so it was found within a couple of days after I lost it, back in March, it just took the police a couple of months to find my email address in an extremely convoluted fashion! Norwegian police totally rock :D.

Nonetheless, it is totally awesome news!! I do have a new license and card, but all the other stuff that I hadn't gotten around to replacing yet, or couldn't replace, will be most welcome :). Only thing is, it'll take a while to get the thing back. This time of the year is littered with public holidays, and the officer who got in touch with me has gone on a week's vacation. So it's at least another 10 days of waiting. Oh and the lady was kind enough to ask me if it was okay to take some of the money from my wallet to pay for postage :D.

Right, so yes, I'm back in Asker. And although there's no snow, there was still a 35 degree temperature drop for me compared to Cal, but nothing one can't get used to in a couple of minutes :).

And there's already plans for the weekend. Concrete plans! Booked tickets and acco last night. I'll be heading back to Prague for another look!!! Maybe the Karluv Most will not have the annoying construction scaffoldings this time :D.

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