Monday, 10 May 2010

Star's End

I wish there was less waiting in life. I mean, honestly, how much time do we spend waiting? I dunno, but it's a lot!! Anyway, I was a little surprised to find I'd not unpacked the bottom half of my backpack, my only piece of luggage, at all this time :(. Why is that sad? Not sure, but it is.
Seeing how I'd managed to finish most of Forward the Foundation over the weekend I figured may as well finish it off today so I can carry all three Foundation books with me this time. I mean the original three. I decided to read the books in strictly chronological order this time. While that gives away some of the plot of the later books, seeing how I've read it all before, I figure that wont really matter much.

Does it appear to anyone that there's a pretty clear segmentation in the series? If you look at Prelude and Forward.. then the oldest three books, and finally Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth. I suppose that has something to with the order in which they were written. Especially Forward the Foundation. The end is a pretty major downer. But thankfully, in this case, I have five books of full on adventure to go :). And if I remember correctly, Foundation and Earth ends on something of a hopeful note, so there's that.

Still need to get that latest Nick Hornby. Can't believe I didn't managed a single trip to the book store under the escalator this time!

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