Tuesday, 13 July 2010

House full of time

It's such a throw-back on the majority of my school vacations to my cousin's. Seems like I got here just yesterday, and now it's time to leave. It's been a good trip. Quiet, mostly. Fireflies, some splattered on a wind-shield, a dying stain of phosphorescent light. Sudden thunderstorms and torrents of mad angry rain.
Turns out this is the first time I've lived in a house with cats. No one in my family has cats. We are dog people. But my cousin's adviser has cats. And he's house-sitting for them, so. I don't so much hate them, as treat them with mild suspicion :). I think the thing I don't like about cats is that they don't really seem to care so much for people. Just places.
Watched the last semi-final and then the final of the World Cup. Was extremely gratifying to see Germany reduced to nothing. Was extremely frustrating to see Netherlands playing like a mob of angry thugs, and hence very very gratifying to see them reduced to tears. Although, what was with the flurry of cards in the last 10 minutes?!! Not one appeared to be justified. OK, so the red card was probably just amends for the one not given for that god-awful kick to the chest earlier on, still. Ugly.In the mean time there were also the cars. The weekend street show down town, and then the visit to the vintage car museum a short way away, set up like a Texaco gas station from half a century ago!A lot of nothing. Console gaming. Improvised 'drive-in' movie in a Walmart parking lot while waiting for the rain to stop. Cooking/ grilling/ frying zuccini :). Old music. New music. Dave Matthews Band, Regina Spektor, The Weepies. Catching up. Filling in the gaps in the phone-call and email and chat variety of keeping in touch. A couple of years' worth in a week? Well, it's something.
Currently: hoping for better weather for the flights!
Listening to: Jonsi and Guitar

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