Sunday, 1 August 2010


All that time I did nothing, and now that I do have something to do, I blog as a distraction :|. But since I've started, I may as well put down the stuff that needs putting down.

I think I've been here long enough now. Here being Asker, and the reason I say this is that I get that feeling of utter familiarity now. And the security that brings. When the aircraft lands, when I walk through the arrival halls. When I gaze blankly out of the window on the airport train. I like the weather here. Coming from most parts of the world, chances are, it will be cooler here. The wet I don't mind so much any more. In case it wasn't obvious, I meant this as a good thing :).

Now that I've finally finished it, let me say something about the last book I read. Jack Kerouac's On The Road. I came across it in a book store in Chicago airport on my way off the ship. (I was newly in possession of a working bank card, and was itching to make amends for the failure to buy Juliet, Naked last time around. Which I still haven't bought, or read, come to think of it.) Kerouac had been referred to me by a friend sometime back, and I was immediately struck by lyrics of a Waifs' song that I am never sure why I even remember in the first place...

I ditched the book I was reading and read the Kerouac entirely on flights or in airports, or in quiet living rooms on lazy afternoons. And having finished it on the last flight into Oslo, I still have no idea whether I like it or not! One thing I do know, I have never read anything like it! I wonder if my own zigzagging further enhanced the sense of madness?

Then there is the Gypsy jazz. I've recently re-discovered Django Reinhardt, and since then have been unable almost, to listen to anything else. The music is old, over half a century old. But I find it soothing. Becoming of a certain peace and quiet I am trying hard to achieve.

I might stay here a while. Heh, that sounded like a choice on my part. Hmm, well, it is not. But we shall see. It might even be a welcome change.

Oh! We went and saw Inception the other day!! And it was totally awesome!!!! I was so caught up in it, it was probably a good thing I had the last occupied seat in the top row :). I shall not elaborate, but let me say instead, that this is the best thing I have seen in a long long time!! No doubt, you have to watch carefully, and keep a close eye on the loops and bounds of the plot, but it is totally worth the effort :). Do I want to go see it again? Hmm, we'll see.

What I should really do, is stop procrastinating and write more often. That way at least we won't have the unfortunately gigantic posts. Hmm. At five, my blog should probably be forgiven its eccentricities :).

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Anonymous said...

Stephane Grappelli (gypsy violin) & Charlie Christian (jazz guitar 60s). Grapelli played with Django. Selwyn

kray said...

hey Selwyn!! haven't heard from you literally in years!! how've you been?!

have moved on to electro trance in the mean time :) but will keep an ear out for these two!