Thursday, 19 August 2010


It's not even like proper rain! Just sort of like mist, only wetter :|. And it's reduced the usually spectacular view from my window to nothing. I'm actually reduced to poking my arm out the window every now and then to see if those drops are at all falling, or just sitting there, suspended in thin air.
And it's beginning to get colder. Already!! So I suppose there goes the barely-there Norwegian summer. If only it was snowing instead of raining :). At least that would have been of some use!
Beginning to settle into some sort of a rhythm. It's already just one day to the end of the week and I'm not really that sick and tired of the office yet!! Oh boy. Please please let this not be me getting used to the office :O! That could be potentially disastrous :P.

Currently: sinking, slowly but surely
Listening to: Guitar - Hot sun trail


Maria said...

Wanna go back to the boat instead? My trip has been awesome so far, full recovery, 4 day transit, full deployment, all fasting Ramadan. How about that?
Feels like i've been here for ages already! damn!

kray said...

:)) docking in Gib instead of office for this long? yeah, wouldn't mind it actually :D okay, I'm kidding!

good luck with the rest of the trip :) hopefully no more back-deck!