Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lost sunsets

It's been a while since I unpacked in Cal, but this time I figured I'd just do it as a matter of form, before I packed for the usual family trip starting tomorrow. Somehow, I was a little surprised to find my slightly battered copy of On the Road. It seems like my extended office stay has completely warped my sense of time for the last few months.

Before I put the book away on my shelf though, I leafed through it and found no less than nine boarding pass stubs, and one hotel receipt. Couldn't resist reading scraps from here and there. Well, it turned into somewhat more than scraps, and an inexplicable feeling of aircraft turbulence came over me...

Been here since Saturday night, following a remarkably uneventful one stop trip from Oslo, supposedly, on a full two week time off. I say supposedly, because in reality, I haven't a clue when I'm supposed to leave. Or where I'm going for that matter. Vague rumours hint at possibilities including Sicily, Malta and of course some sandy port or other in Saudi. I guess in the mean time I'll chill out here. The temperature's almost about the same as it was in Asker when I got there in July. A bit more humid maybe :).

Currently: home!
Listening to: Chicane - Sunstroke


Sethisto said...

I wish i could do all that ;p

kray said...

I honestly hope you didn't mean the horribly frequent flying! it's not all it's drummed up to be, you know :)