Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sense and beyond


Have I ever mentioned (read gone gaga over) The Big Picture? I don't think I have. Surprisingly. When it comes to visuals, stills are my preferred choice for memory preservation. Videos are too realistic for my liking :). Either way, this guy really really blows you away! I mean would you look at that?!!!

Raindrops. The kind where you can tell them apart. I looked up yesterday afternoon and there were hardly any clouds! Honestly! There was more blue than anything else straight up. But instantly, there I was, watching someone literally dancing in the rain. In the front yard that felt distinctly like a back yard. How long ago was that? Three years? Maybe longer.


It came from somewhere within the maze of a completely nondescript apartment block as I was walking unsuspectingly by. The kind of building with a hundred doors and windows all around, but no obvious way to enter. I'm not particularly crazy about food. Most of the time. But memories have a funny way of resurfacing at the oddest of moments.


:D That not crazy about food thing does not apply to desserts. I have one word for you, Tiramisu. And I have a tub of that sitting in my fridge right now :).


Surprise of the month. I was at work. Plugged into the music as usual. The playlist was heavy on Chicane and I though I heard something that had no business being there! But the distorted Bangla lyrics amidst a sea of electro trance wasn't the end of it! Some people had clearly way too much time on their hands and had come up with some interesting lyrics of their own! Of course my cousin and I had a fun time trying to translate it for ourselves :D.

This is probably the closest I've ever come to being 'home'sick, for lack of a better expression. The definition of home here is a bit... well, ... hmm.

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