Thursday, 21 October 2010

So far out to sea

So I've been thinking... (Yes, I've now got plenty of time to think, most days.) Once the mad rush of the job start abated, there's been more or less a slightly strained sort of calm. But calm nonetheless. Plus, they tell us that we might, in fact, make crew change on time!I have been around too long however, to take that last bit at face value :-<. But, we've been told that to avoid the devilish complications of getting some hundred odd people in and out through Jeddah at the precise time of the Haj pilgrimage, we will be flying out through Egypt! However, further details at this point are like the proverbial footprints on desert sands. None of it seems to last for long :). I suppose it's good to have things to look forward to. Scratch that, it's quite necessary to have things to look forward to. But some things, once you begin to look forward to them, they grab you and refuse to let go. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a bit of extra stress I could do without I suppose :-<. In the mean time, it's all about keeping it low on the drama and high on the boring :). Oh, and to all those that it makes sense to, Shubho Bijoya!

okay, sort of...
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