Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Slow-motion desperation

Well, it's not been two weeks. In fact, it's been only one, but a lot has come up in the mean time. Unfortunately, the drama in this case has been very much centered right here. And it's all about the all-important crew change :-<. Still don't have flights, but for the first time in three years, we're supposed to be getting off earlier than originally planned!!! (Whoa!!! Wheee! Whoop-whoop, etc. :|)
I seem to have lost the plot a bit here. There's that trapped in a pressure cooker feeling again. Nothing to do with work. Well, as far as work on the boat goes anyway.
By this time next week I'm supposed to be back in Asker. Not quite the middle of the winter. Is there proper snow yet? Hopefully by the end of the month I'll know if I can haul my bags out of that store room for good. Or not.
Oh! Have I mentioned the mountains? Somehow I don't associate those with deserts. But it appears there's a whole range of proper, fully qualified mountains all along the coastline towards the east, Al-Sarawat. And it's getting steadily larger in the window as the days go by. Metaphorically. I don't have a window.
Might get to drive through them, and even fly over them, in a couple of days. One can always hope.Currently: waiting impatiently
Listening to: Kina Grannis - Stars falling down

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