Sunday, 21 November 2010

Snow covered train tracks

It's been an interesting couple of weeks :). Well. More like there have been a few interesting things in the last couple of weeks, and the rest of the time things have been mostly nice and quiet.
There weren't a whole lot of people in town. People I know that is. But we did go and watch Red. It was quite hilarious :D. I like Bruce Willis' choice of characters lately :P.
Last weekend it was not raining/snowing one afternoon, so we went out for a bit of a walk to the lake. No running. Too much ice/snow on the ground for that. For me anyway, have noticed a few people running even now.
There's already ice on the lake! With weird spider-webby holes. Albeit a somewhat slushy kind of ice. Although that was last weekend. It's been even colder since then. Oh! There were a couple of divers in the lake! Why would you go diving in a lake? It's not even particularly big. And it's bloody cold!!Then of course, Bolli finally managed to land up in Norway! It's funny how that worked out, he left the middle east and I landed up there. Now I'm trying to get out of Norway for good, plus my work permit runs out in not too long, and he lands up here :|.
Still, that meant I could go over to Bergen and help him move in. Well, I ended up usurping his bed for the most part and hijacking his newly unpacked X-box 360 to play Forza Motorsport :P. Okay, so I also took him around a little bit, braved some frostbite and showed him random bits of the town.It looks very different from what it did last summer! But I was glad to see that the only visible snow was on the hills in the distance :). Now of course I'm headed back to Asker where it's been really cold over the weekend. I'm hoping it's snowed. You see, it appears the slopes are apparently beginning to open up!!!I took the train both ways this time. The overnight trip Friday night was a bit surreal. Stuck as I was between the rankest smelling coat and the rankest smelling beard I've ever had the misfortune of being near (both belonging to the same kindly old man :&), I couldn't help notice the ghostly picture the moonlight made of the snow covered landscape.
Unfortunately the return trip's also in darkness. And without the moon, it's all black :-<. I'm hoping I'm well insulated enough to make it back to the apartment from the station without too much trouble :). Currently: watching the dim distant street lamps racing by
Listening to: Darude - Drums of New York

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