Friday, 10 December 2010

De-lensing life

This break was going quite well. Till yesterday that is. I shall come back to that later, but first, other things. Turns out I'll be flying out Sunday, and through Bombay for the first time in a fair while! Years even, I think. (That is not counting the times I've flown to Bombay, of course.) And I have a long stop-over!
When I explained to a friend that it was only about 4 hours of actual free time, he wasn't amused, but that's the only time I have in that city in the foreseeable future, so I'm hoping to make the most of it. Return that book, for one thing! The Pullman I borrowed in January :).

Speaking of books, I am officially finished with my (now almost two year long) chronological Asimov run-through :D. There were a lot of other books in between, and I had to skip two of the three Empire books as I never managed to get them. But the rest, Robots, one Empire and Foundation are done! Finished the last Foundation book last night. I'm still in a sort of afterglow :). It's a shame he didn't write those two more pre/sequels to fill in some of the larger chronological gaps.

I get the distinct feeling though that, contrary to my previous belief, I may have never actually read Foundation and Earth. Or maybe I did, but the only thing I seemed to recall was a vague notion of the ending. Which is strange, as I remember the rest of the books in somewhat better detail.

Anyhow, seeing that the remaining Empire books await my return to Connecticut, I am for now, Sci-Fi free for a little bit :). As I mentioned before, got a hopelessly overpriced copy of Juliet, Naked from Norway. And on my visit to the book-store under the escalator here I picked up Larsson's trilogy. I've heard good things about it!

Oh but wait, I do have a couple of other unread Asimovs lying about somewhere.... hmm :).

Then yesterday I got my new updated joining instructions for KSA this time, and the bomb dropped. Apparently we're travelling through some port this time that makes it illegal to carry cameras across the border and confiscates any that are found!! X-(((((

I thought about carrying a sacrificial piece, just in case it could be slipped through. But the potential hassles, not limited to the mere loss of the camera, make it far from worthwhile :(. And the resultant alternative? Camera-less existence for a minimum of 5 weeks, and quite possibly much more, depending on what happens after. Then again, that 'what happens after' is at this point, such a foggy business, I'll just leave it be for now.
Bottom-line, these are probably the last pics from me for a while :-<.

Currently: fairly distraught about the imminent lack of photographic equipment in life =((
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