Saturday, 25 December 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

This is usually not a good time to be on the boat :). Through the gaps in the general efforts at merriment and in-between the awesome lunch and dinner spreads and the other things we do to make the holiday season feel festive, that feeling leaks through, that we would all much rather be elsewhere.
But, the Christmas celebrations help :). This time as it turned out Santa didn't even need a false beard (or an artificial waistline :D)! I was quite happy with my gift :D. It was exactly what I wanted! Not that that was a complete coincidence... :P. But I don't think too many others would have wanted the Bill Bryson anyway :).
And in keeping with my on-board Christmas luck, our table managed to completely blow everyone else out of the water in the inaugural (and possibly only) Trident Annual Christmas 'Pub' Quiz, complete with alcohol free Budweiser and lots of photos of pubs (and presumably not alcohol-free beer) on the super size screen /:). I think it may have helped a little that the quiz-setter and I have discussed favourite music in the not too distant past ;).In the mean time I pretty much raced through the rest of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The strange thing is that the end seemed to go a little sideways when it came to the plot, but the pace stayed relentless. So I ended up screaming through the first few chapters of The Girl Who Played with Fire before running out of steam somewhat.
I think I should really start studying :-<. Maybe after the New Year. We'll see.

wondering why Guinness World Records exist
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Hemamalini said...

Hey, so who is the santa on the trident now?