Friday, 3 December 2010

A shot in the dark

Every time there's a chance I'm leaving somewhere for good, I get these slight pangs of sadness. It's not even straight up sadness. More like two-thirds a rather misplaced sadness with a quarter something akin to regret and the remainder made up of varying amounts of relief and other such incongruous stuff.
Yes, the sadness is mostly caused by the faces we'll never see again. But not entirely. There's a little bit of it solely reserved for the empty street corners. And heated foot-paths. And quiet walks down to still, sometimes partly-frozen lakes.
And that sound through the silence as I float down some frozen hill-side. (Have I ever mentioned how snow seems to act as an acoustic damper?)
Need I have clarified that this only applies to places I've actually had some chance to acquaint myself with? Oh!! I finally managed to grab a copy of Juliet, Naked on a random walk through the mall before I left Asker :).
However, there was not even the faintest hint of sadness or regret when I exited the airport at Kolkata to find the temperature a beautiful 17 °C! Yes, that's right, positive, and quite cold for here! A 30+ degree jump again, but at least this time it went the right way :).
For several reasons I hope I don't end up back in Norway come the new year. But there are a couple that keep me from being too unhappy, knowing that that hope is all but futile.Currently: warmer :)
Listening to: Maps - Valium in the sunshine

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