Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Are we there yet?

The answer is almost, but not quite :|.

I mean come on! It's only been like almost three weeks!! (Not to mention the five years before that :|. But let's not go there.) I will say this though, I can prove unequivocally that you learn more over a shared lunch than in any operations meeting /:).

By the weekend though, I was well and truly tired of being here. Of the nice enough hotel room and the quiet and peaceful enough days at the office. So it was really really awesome when one of my mates from the ship (who lives in the neighbourhood, sort of) picked me up Sunday morning.

The better part of the next two days was spent driving through pine forests and past large blue lakes. And some time driving on one of those lakes in a boat too! The plan was to maybe go fishing, but there wasn't enough time for that, sadly. I did get to spend a lot of time with a bunch of dogs though :).

It was enough of a boost to keep me going for a little bit longer. Coincidences stacked upon one another to even make for a pretty decent Tuesday night out with a few people from Asker who were visiting, or just passing through. Yup, it's a small world is marine seismic.

This afternoon I went and got my own ride out of here. Let's just hope I manage to drag myself over that last step tomorrow morning, then Austin, here I come! The only thing is, after such a long and stretched out process, I'm way more excited about leaving Houston than anything else. Including preparing for tomorrow's final presentation :|.

And of course, with barely any warning, my five weeks on land are all but over.

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