Monday, 7 February 2011

Once more to the...

It actually did snow last Friday!! To my utter amazement, I saw some fragile remnants of what could not have been more than barely an inch of snowfall in the morning. And icicles skirting the fenders of cars in the parking lot. Didn't last long though. Soon enough all that was left was puddles drying in the chilly sunshine.

Now it's back to much more reasonable temperatures. But I will tell you what is utterly unreasonable. Went for the medical this morning. Starving since dinner last night, no breakfast. After hours of tests and waiting and several test-tubes of blood, they make you wait in a rather nice waiting room with a big TV, and what's on? The Food channel X-(.

Haven't been very social lately. But did manage to meet up with a friend over the weekend. After almost six years of mostly not keeping in touch... I figure the easiest thing to do in such situations is apply the brute force method :). Start from the last known point and keep asking "So then what happened?!!" :P It works!

Currently: bit tired of pizza...
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