Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pocketful of sunshine

I'm done :).

I'm also back on the boat, and fully sympathetic to those of the crew who have to regularly travel from the US to the Red Sea. It takes a really really long time! But between finishing up and leaving for work, I did have two days.

Turns out I've never rented a car with the purpose of driving around all by myself. Till the trip to Austin that is. The drive was quite nice. But the day and a half spent in Austin, between that final presentation at Houston and flying out, that was indeed quite something :).

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes don't they? Some defying all logic, others, the very embodiment of the inevitability of it. Or so it would seem.

The Austin weather, while I was there, quite happily decided to defy predictions and allowed for a perfectly lazy day outdoors! Odd timed meals, rippled lights reflected on a lake, one super-sized moon, walks - by the river, around quiet campus buildings, and coffee, lots of coffee :). And of course, hours and hours of chatting about pretty much everything under the sun...

The drive back to Houston was probably the best part of the four days spent travelling! At least this time I got more than four hours of sleep in the hotel at Jeddah!

But sometime on my way back to the boat, it started sinking in. That inescapable feeling that everything will be all right. That somehow, beginnings are within reach. Things are beginning to look up then :). We shall see...

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