Monday, 28 March 2011

Come on weather, be nice!

It worked!!!! We beat Australia! Now if only we can manage to do that against Pakistan. Easily the biggest match of the Cup, and I'll be in transit. Hopefully, I should say. Weather's been pretty crap lately. It's supposed to be nice here, the weather. But I'm beginning to trust these things less and less.

So I finished Juliet. That's about it really. I'm wondering whether to rate it above or below How to Be Good, which is the only Hornby I properly hate. It's a close run thing :|. Might be the way I read it. Or might not.

It's been one of those trips. The ones when a lot seemed to have happened, but when I try to put a finger on it, I keep drawing blanks. And through it all, somehow, managed to run over a 100k listening to exactly one song.

Really wasn't expecting to spend these last two shifts this trip on the back deck, but I suppose that makes time go by quick. Doesn't feel like it, but it does.

Currently: ready to leave!
Listening to: Flunk - Play

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