Friday, 18 March 2011

Fires in the distance

This World Cup's been a bit of a hopeless situation so far :(. First I discover that none of the stupid sat TV channels airing here are telecasting the matches. Live or otherwise :|. And then the two India matches I try to follow, on Cricinfo over a very flaky net connection, end up in disaster. There's even a possibility we might get kicked out in the group stages again I think, isn't there?

It isn't too long before I manage to get off for the first proper break I guess. Should be interesting...

There's just that slight inkling of falling. Not like a rock. More like a somewhat wet feather. One of these days I need to get on a roller coaster. Just to see how much it is (or isn't) like being on a boat in rough weather, or a flight through turbulence.

Beginning to feel a bit like doomsday, isn't it? What with floods and earthquakes and tsunamis and nuclear disasters and god knows what else just around the corner. Not to mention war, either actual or simmering beneath a sea of unrest. What is the world coming to, one wonders.

Currently: brooding, possibly unnecessarily
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