Sunday, 6 March 2011


It's been very quiet on the reading front for a while. But something caught my attention the other day and I found myself laughing quietly at the memory of a certain grammar lesson. And the incorrigible Jess from A Long Way Down. Somehow, re-reads don't seem to add much to Hornby, but the first time was definitely an experience :).

Which is probably why I'm once again ploughing through the last few pages of The Girl Who Played With Fire. I don't have book three here with me, but with five other unread books on my cabin shelf, lack of material is really not the worry. Once I'm done with this one, I think I'll start with Juliet, Naked. Yes, still haven't gone past the first page on that :|.

Then of course there's the news on A Song of Ice and Fire!! Apparently in three months the next book will be out. Of course, this is no longer the last volume, so the wait continues :-<. I tried to recall the last part of the story that I remember reading. It was a doomed enterprise, obviously, but I think I'll hold my horses on the full re-read till a more opportune time :).

It's a shame The Ring of Solomon isn't releasing in paperback for ages!!! Evil publishers X-(. I'm rather happy this is a prequel. Still trying to shake off the feeling from the end of Ptolemy's Gate, and I think a bit more of Bartimaeus would definitely help with that!

So the question really is, I suppose, whether things do indeed feel any less hectic now. Yes and no, actually. This trip's been fairly eventful already, barely a couple of weeks in! Blinking solitons and what not. It's quite intriguing, the concept of a gigantic ball of water intent specifically on causing us grief :).

A flicker of a fleeting feeling. Untended, fading away into nothingness. A sun gliding in-between strangely insubstantial yet dark clouds. The sliver of a rising crescent moon, precariously balancing over the leaping, foaming waves. In the midst of the onrushing tide, moments of serenity, life in slow motion.

Feeling: nothing
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