Friday, 1 April 2011

Is this it?!

Well, that went well! Saw Followed about a third of Sri Lanka's innings while waiting for the supply boat to finally come alongside so we could actually get off of the Trident. (Took them forever! :|) But that was it. Since then no net, no useful TV, nothing.

So yes, I missed out on the IND-PAK semi. Well, almost. Someone sort of eavesdropped on someone else in Tabouk airport (random deserty place somewhere in the north of The Kingdom) with India at 25 overs or so and Tendulkar still batting. Later on in Jeddah something similar happened but this time all I got was a cryptic 'India one wicket from victory'!! Then nothing for fifteen hours :S.

Finally when I did land up in Cal yesterday morning and called home at once, I found out the result! There was almost nothing else in the newspapers or on the telly for the rest of the day :). Since then of course, I've managed to catch most of the significant bits of both that match and the Oz-thrashing quarter-final on TV. Oh, how I've missed the gazillion cricket channels this last month!

At least I get to watch one India match live! Well, on TV. I'm too late and too tired to have had any inkling of hope of a ticket to Wankhede :|. But the big question is, will the boys in blue give us our first Cup since (just) before I was born? Or will there be a repeat of '96, when India clobbered Pakistan in the quarter-final only to be humiliated in the semi by, yes, none other than Sri Lanka?

I guess by tomorrow night we'll find out! Good luck to all 1.21 billion of us! (Apparently, or so the 2011 census says.)

Currently: praying for that win!!
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