Saturday, 16 April 2011

Still life

Weather's not been too bad lately. I'd been expecting the full force of the oppressive Cal summer heat. However, the rain has helped :).

Surprisingly enough, it took me all of two weeks to get around to using my cam since I was re-united with it. Yes, I've been lazy mostly. And quite unashamedly so. Did finish off with Larsson's third though!

Was it just me or did the ending seem a little weird? Almost as if someone else had written it! A rather jarring attempt at tying up the trailing threads. Nonetheless, it was definitely worth the time! All three books actually. The only thing I regret is the fact that I kept confusing some of the Swedish addresses :|. But I don't think being able to read a trilogy more conveniently is a justifiable reason for trying to learn a language :).

Right, and now I'm back to the comforting world of sci-fi intrigue! Somehow Asimov's just easier to read :). And now that I have all three Empire novels, let's see if I can finish them off so that the next time I leave I can get books on the fly with a clear conscience!

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