Sunday, 3 April 2011

Yes it is!!!

I must say, for a while now, every India cricket match I watched, we seem to have lost. However, this one, I wasn't going to pass up on, no matter what :). Back at home, watching it with family, it was like the good old days!

And of course, there was the palpable tension. You know how it is, when India's bowling, every run scored seems like a nail in the coffin. When we bat, every ball a potential disaster :|. It's quite terrible really :).

But what a match that was! Between lunch and a late dinner, I don't remember much else! I know while it was on, I kept worrying someone would do something stupid, but thinking about it now, we did play quite well didn't we?! I mean seeing the pacers diving around the outfield and the Yuvis and Rainas bouncing around in the infield was quite spectacular. Not to mention Zak's opening spell.

The last 5 overs... well, that and India's opening 7 overs were difficult, to say the least :(. I suppose it is indeed too much to ask for an easy World Cup final win :). But soon enough every run was being cheered. The din rising out from the windows all around, the whoops and shouts, the whistles, the impromptu percussion bands using plates and god knows what other utensils, kept getting louder and louder!!

And then Gambhir threw away his wicket! Dead silence pretty much. My dad wasn't being allowed out of his seat. (When he watches, India win! That's the rule in this household!) I kept switching channels in the same order every over-break. Yes, yes, I don't believe in superstitions, but can't hurt the chances :P.

That last six of course, let loose all sorts of celebratory madness :). People jumping in every window you could see :D. Fireworks, music and whistles and victory chants, the whole nine yards! And this is supposed to be the quiet part of town. What can I say? It was indeed a dream come true!

A few excited phone calls later (achieved through persistence in the face of 'all lines on this network are currently busy' on three different networks) things began to calm down a bit at home :). The fireworks took another couple of hours. But by 0100 things were quiet and dark.

That's the thing, isn't it? Once it's over, it's over. And things will, sooner or later, get back to normal. People are still studying for exams. Monday morning traffic will be just as mad as every other week. But in that one moment, it was as if we were all there. We were all world champions :).

Who cares if most people in the world don't even understand the game let alone play it?! :)

Feeling: gloriously smug :D
Listening to: Aqualung - Brighter than sunshine

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