Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Chicken soup

There isn't really much to say. Except that I'm quite comfy with the reversal of day and night I guess. What with the sunsets, when I can make it out of the windowless-ness that is work. And the bustling afternoons. And the midnight soup experiments! That would actually make a cool name for a band! No? :)

Still can't get used to the almost ghostly silence of these early hours of the morning though. There's a whole lot less people around to play table tennis with. Which has made me start practising darts some days. With decidedly mixed results :S.

Right, so no, not really much to talk about. Just needed an excuse to put up some pics. No, no one plays basketball at night either, which is a shame. With the kind of weather we've had lately though, might just wake up one of these days and find the back-board missing or something!

Currently: rolling, rolling!
Listening to: KT Tunstall - Paper aeroplane


Hemamalini said...

:) Midnight soup experiments - yes, very grungy.

Why am I doing this? said...

AWESOME pictures!

Here...always. said...

I've always loved your pictures! You have a good eye..well two but you get what I mean. lol. :)

kray said...

@hema: indeed :D

@WaIdt, H..a: thanks! :)

asrisiregar said...