Friday, 17 June 2011

Monsoon has landed!

Once again I find myself staring out at the incessant pouring and cant help but be impressed by the sheer persistence of the monsoon rains here. It's been at it for over half a day now, and no half measures, this is consistent heavy downpour with howling wind and everything!

I decided to go on my mandatory round trip of family visits early this break, in case I get stuck home with visa issues later on. Plus it gave me an excuse to get out of the stifling Cal humidity. Halfway through the three day trip though, the rain had arrived.

The drive back home was rendered quite interesting, what with sudden trysts with passing clouds that would choose to unload significant portions of their water right on top of the bit of highway I might be on at the time. Not that I was complaining. The only trouble arose when the rain came with high winds. With empty fields all the way to the horizon on either side of the highway, stability was becoming slightly suspect at times :). But good fun all in all.

It was, however, a completely different city I returned to, cooled down significantly by some opening bouts of thunderous rain. And since then the weather's been quite chilly even. Accompanied by the constant pattering outside as pinpricks of water appear on the other side of frosted glass windows and the occasional shudder of the panes at some particularly forceful gusts of wind...

I guess my only regret is that the clouds pretty much wiped out that lunar eclipse. Oh well, one cant have everything I suppose :).

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