Monday, 15 August 2011

Exit planet work!

Right, I've been quiet all week, now can we just get out of here already?!! The weather, well... it's been up and down. For all the goodness the first three weeks of this trip brought, the last two have more than made up for I'd say :(.

The famous North Atlantic swell is quite impressive, even this far south. But that doesn't do us any good at all, as we bounce around trying to keep chairs from sliding, food from leaving plates and bowls without help, the shower from spraying water everywhere but where needed...

So assuming we do manage to get off the boat later this morning, I'm off to Houston again. It appears further adventures are likely to ensue, including some of the Mexican persuasion... As always, one lives in hope :).

Currently: can't wait for the break to begin :)
Listening to: Groove Armada - My friend

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