Thursday, 13 October 2011


It was all going so well :|. Well, nothing earth-shatteringly awesome or anything, but things were definitely not going terribly. I'm almost done with Season 5 of NCIS, slowly warming up to the new book. Quietly slipping into the last week rituals... Not any more!

The bad thing about 5-day weather forecasts is that you know what's about to happen, but can do absolutely nothing about it :(. (I suppose one could choose to ignore the info, but thus far the thing's never been wrong. :S)

Just when I'd started making more last-minute(ish) plans too!! I could resort to the usual 'why me?!!' type rant I guess, but why bother? And no, I have to admit, this doesn't happen all the time. Come to think of it, working where we are and the time of the year, it would've been nothing short of miraculous if we didn't have at least one or two crew changes blown off the tracks by the weather.

That, and the dozen or so days of buffer time is currently keeping me from going completely ape shit. I mean come on!! I haven't been diving in like two years!!! And now that I have a plan, things have to... Okay, I did say I wouldn't. So I wont. For now. And maybe, they've got it wrong! (I know, even I don't really believe that :-<.)

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