Tuesday, 4 October 2011


There has appeared on our boat, quite recently, a person who looks almost exactly like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine! He had a full beard, and then I suppose he took it upon himself to experiment with facial hair for want of anything better to do... Why is that worth the time it took to type it? Dunno, I was just sufficiently amused to make the effort :).

I have long had a grievance against browser sourced geographical info based advertising. But this I thought was really quite annoying. I was immersed within the pages of IMDb, as I often am, poring over new releases I won't get the chance to see on a proper big screen. Which is when I noticed a new innovation. Well, it might not be new, but I only just noticed. Anyway, down one side there's this whole list of movies 'in theatres near you'. Or so they say. Only, I find it irritating in the extreme when someone (or something) tries to tell me that there are at least a dozen films I want to watch 'showing within five miles' of me as I sit on a boat, sailing around in circles, half a day's ride away from the nearest point of land :|.

Yes, this title was more to the point than most. On other fronts, this year's Durga Pujo is halfway over by now I suppose. So is this trip. Yay.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Yeah...a movie showing right where you are. :) I live in such a small town that I don't even get the five miles!