Monday, 28 November 2011

Vanishing act?

The Bermuda Triangle! I remember reading a book once, and this must have been close to twenty years ago now, but it had made quite an impression! Of course, the exact details of the matter are a bit hazy. But now that we are sailing through the very same waters, I can't stop feeling intrigued by the whole mystery.

Physically the Bermuda Triangle has the island of Bermuda, San Juan (the capital of Puerto Rico) and Miami as its three extreme points. So, given the present day state of sea freight in and out of the Gulf of Mexico to the east, on any given day there are many vessels within this once feared part of the ocean and clearly, it's lost some of that fearsome reputation :).

The theories behind the supposed disappearances are as varied as they are spectacular. But none of them seem quite credible enough. And given that we've been sailing across the triangle under clear skies and fairly beautiful weather for over half a day, I suppose the terror has disappeared just like all those ships!

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