Saturday, 31 December 2011

You've come a long way, baby

As it turned out, I ended up extending my stay on the Trident a total of three days. Yes, it wasn't fun, but hey, those were about the quietest laziest days I'd had all trip! So that was nice, being able to take the time to take a look around. And then I was off on my first helo ride in eighteen months!

This is supposed to be a short break for me, barely a couple of weeks left. Assuming I get the visa in time that is. Ah yes, my favourite travel prerequisite strikes again! Turns out I'm headed for Angola again. Those who've read some of my posts from about three years ago would know exactly how that makes me feel... I have been told, however, that there is a new airport in Luanda. I will reserve judgement for now.

A new boat, a new crew, lots of things and people I don't know the first thing about, and all that in waters that bring back the worst memories. Seems like the new year is about to get to a fun start :(. But let's ignore that for the moment.

It looks like I never quite managed to get to writing about those last couple of days in Lisbon, neither did I manage that detailed account of the surfing and diving trip from last break. I can only say that this year seems to have pulled the throttle wide open and left me somewhat out of breath right at the end!

It's been one of those years, I bounced around all over the place! For work, and otherwise, come to think of it. Starting with the mountains and desert trails of Saudi Arabia and the Connecticut snow, through the seriously insane distances driven on interstate highways, Mexico, the cruise through the Med and that week spent mostly in or around water at Mulki and Murudeshwar, and finally the utterly crazy last trip on the Trident and festive times spent at home. It's been a year with a bit of everything. Except office rotations, of course :).

I figure there isn't much point saving up these photographs for later, so this is pretty much all that I've been waiting to put up for the last couple of months.

Let's hope the new year brings more moments worthy of photographs (and that I'm in a position to click 'em as they come :D). And while I'm only too aware of the dangers of getting what I ask for, I wouldn't mind another year of (hopefully) nice surprises and crazy travelling and running into all those people I want to run into, somewhere, somehow.

Happy New Year! :)

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Groundhog day

I'm repeating myself, but this needs to be here as a reminder. You shouldn't make too big a deal out of the last day. If you do, they'll cancel your chopper and give you another day on the boat :|.

I've missed crew change lots of times. But this would have to be the first time because of weather. I know, I know, I've come close a few times! But the irony of it is that the weather's not even really that bad! Just bad enough.

In an attempt to keep things somewhat adult and avoid turning this into a complete 'waa-haa I wanna go home' rant, I shall admit to the fact that I have finally decided to give in. I'm planning on getting myself a Kindle. Not the Fire. Just one of those regular little ones, maybe the touch.

Not sure how fine-print laden the two month battery life spec is. But the whole carrying books around and worrying about running out of stuff to read thing is getting old. Maybe I'll carry around a paperback too. But just one :).

Not looking forward to the unavoidable check-in bag...

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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Curtain call

Now that it's almost done, I suppose I should mention some of the good things this trip. (What good things?! One part of my mind, benumbed by much of what has gone on these past five weeks, asks incredulously!)

I'd pick the 'window', I think, as the real high point! Matched with a sunrise to sunset shift at a respectably ordinary latitude, it doesn't trouble the sleep cycle, but does give you a better bearing of what's up with the world, so to speak. I even caught a sunrise this morning! Too bad the salt stains make for horrible photos :).

It's been a busy trip. Which is probably a good thing. Seeing how for over a week now I've known that this is my last trip here, and with more time on my hands, I'd undoubtedly have obsessed about it. More than I already am that is :D.

There's some symmetry to it I suppose. But in retrospect, I think I'll rather keep that to myself. Something about perceived significance versus reality.... One thing is true though, the only other trip when I was quite certain I was unlikely to ever see the Trident again as it disappeared over the horizon, was my first! Six and a half years later, am I leaving a very different person?

I guess I'll find out when I get to my next new boat :).

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Thursday, 8 December 2011


Sometimes life is being left suspended. With other lives swirling all about you. For the most part you're in the thick of things. But then something makes you stop, take a look around. And you feel left out. And it hurts.

Life's like that. And when it's the beginning of an end you think about everything else. A lot of little things, mostly. But then it's something you've been expecting, and you don't know what to think.

There's that thing about Chinese curses isn't it? May you live in interesting times. Well, it appears I am about to. And I'm dreading it.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Alt + Enter

We're back in the Gulf. Have been for about a week now, actually. But the way things have been going has been, shall we say, less then ideal. But such is life.

I still haven't been able to get around to taking pictures. I mean not really. One sunset, a couple of sunrises. That's not much to show for over three weeks at sea :). But it's better than nothing.

Which kinda sums this trip up for me really. Much of the time I find myself tempted to run around yelling, "Really?!! Really?!!! This had to happen? Right now?!!!" But before I do, I remember that it could be worse :).

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