Saturday, 17 December 2011

Curtain call

Now that it's almost done, I suppose I should mention some of the good things this trip. (What good things?! One part of my mind, benumbed by much of what has gone on these past five weeks, asks incredulously!)

I'd pick the 'window', I think, as the real high point! Matched with a sunrise to sunset shift at a respectably ordinary latitude, it doesn't trouble the sleep cycle, but does give you a better bearing of what's up with the world, so to speak. I even caught a sunrise this morning! Too bad the salt stains make for horrible photos :).

It's been a busy trip. Which is probably a good thing. Seeing how for over a week now I've known that this is my last trip here, and with more time on my hands, I'd undoubtedly have obsessed about it. More than I already am that is :D.

There's some symmetry to it I suppose. But in retrospect, I think I'll rather keep that to myself. Something about perceived significance versus reality.... One thing is true though, the only other trip when I was quite certain I was unlikely to ever see the Trident again as it disappeared over the horizon, was my first! Six and a half years later, am I leaving a very different person?

I guess I'll find out when I get to my next new boat :).

Currently: facing the 'to take or not to take' quandary
Listening to: Nirvana - Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam


Maria said...

I can see my last boat! :)

kray said...

last? you aren't heading back to it?!