Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Groundhog day

I'm repeating myself, but this needs to be here as a reminder. You shouldn't make too big a deal out of the last day. If you do, they'll cancel your chopper and give you another day on the boat :|.

I've missed crew change lots of times. But this would have to be the first time because of weather. I know, I know, I've come close a few times! But the irony of it is that the weather's not even really that bad! Just bad enough.

In an attempt to keep things somewhat adult and avoid turning this into a complete 'waa-haa I wanna go home' rant, I shall admit to the fact that I have finally decided to give in. I'm planning on getting myself a Kindle. Not the Fire. Just one of those regular little ones, maybe the touch.

Not sure how fine-print laden the two month battery life spec is. But the whole carrying books around and worrying about running out of stuff to read thing is getting old. Maybe I'll carry around a paperback too. But just one :).

Not looking forward to the unavoidable check-in bag...

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