Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ink blots

There are times when a purge button for the mind would come in real handy. Or so it seems. Unfortunately, it turns out, this is the next best thing I've got. So bear with me. Alternatively, ignore what follows.

A drop of ink in water. Patterns form, for an instant. And then the colour is sucked by the colourlessness that surrounds it. Which reminds me, I have, somewhat recently, come in possession of an ink pen! It was a gift too, one without an occasion. I used to have a couple of bottles of ink at my desk back in school. Of course, when the parents moved, the desk moved... and now serves as this PC desk. Uh huh. One moment.

Right, they're still here. Buried in one of these rather cavernous drawers full of too many things. At times like these I am forced to face the fact that I am a hoarder. Dunno what level. (Apparently there are levels.) Which, incidentally is rather at odds with my usual travel baggage. Anyway, I'm a little afraid to actually open either of the bottles after all this time. Maybe there's nothing left. Either way, what's the point? The hazards of a proper ink pen, while not fresh, haven't all been blotted away from memory just yet.

I hate waiting in general. Well, perhaps hate is too strong a word. Anyhoo, ordinarily I'd deal with it by scheduling. Yes, I'm weird like that. Trouble is, to do that the time-frame needs to be not indeterminate! Point is, now this is beginning to really bug me.

Feeling: well, bugged!
Listening to: Adele - Chasing pavements

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Watched Inception again last night. Realized that explaining films while watching them is awfully frustrating. It's true for any film I suppose, but some more than others. Also realized that limbo as a free reign to one's imagination in a world of infinite possibility is probably not a particularly accurate representation :).

My expectation of an impending end to fretful waiting was rather premature, it would appear. Not only do I not know the when, but through a twist of fate I no longer even know the where! Of course, not being able to travel to Angola couldn't be considered all bad I suppose.

It is rare for the weather to be particularly chilly in Kolkata. At any time of the year :). So single digit temperatures are quite a treat! Of course, the downside is having to live with the stares from woolly, shawl-smothered, monkey-capped passers-by when venturing outdoors in shorts and a t-shirt...

Currently: still waiting :(
Listening to: Arcade Fire - Ocean of noise

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Of hidden suns and Bones

It's been a quiet start to the year. Foggy wet mornings and hazy lazy days :). And lots and lots of waiting. It's been awesome for catching up on some TV watching. Well, without actually watching any TV. I find I haven't got the temperament for watching serials on TV. Can't wait that long between episodes :P.

Intimate acquaintance is best avoided with the Indian bureaucratic system. Unfortunately, it is not always a matter of choice. So, amidst the waiting, there have been short bursts of frantic activity, frustration and a sense of utter helplessness.

All that, however, might be coming to an end. Or not. I still have to get that visa.

Currently: waiting
Listening to: Regina Spektor - Buildings