Saturday, 21 January 2012


Watched Inception again last night. Realized that explaining films while watching them is awfully frustrating. It's true for any film I suppose, but some more than others. Also realized that limbo as a free reign to one's imagination in a world of infinite possibility is probably not a particularly accurate representation :).

My expectation of an impending end to fretful waiting was rather premature, it would appear. Not only do I not know the when, but through a twist of fate I no longer even know the where! Of course, not being able to travel to Angola couldn't be considered all bad I suppose.

It is rare for the weather to be particularly chilly in Kolkata. At any time of the year :). So single digit temperatures are quite a treat! Of course, the downside is having to live with the stares from woolly, shawl-smothered, monkey-capped passers-by when venturing outdoors in shorts and a t-shirt...

Currently: still waiting :(
Listening to: Arcade Fire - Ocean of noise

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