Sunday, 19 February 2012

Code name God

This time around, I do remember. When I last read a book in a single day that is. It was my birthday five years ago and I was cosied up in the living room couch in the Subi house. Incidentally, the coolest bit of space I've actually lived in, yet. And it was a book I'd been meaning to read for a long time.

This time was rather more accidental. A book I didn't even know existed, noticed it while visiting the neighbours and ended up reading most of it while basking in the afternoon sun hanging out of their balcony. The end result is, if anything, even more ambiguous than my response to Salinger! For, if you were to believe this guy, it would seem that if you ask the questions why or how enough times in a row about just about anything in this world (or out of it, for that matter) you'd end up with God as the plausible answer! I mean, seriously?!

But here's the thing, from chapters 14 through 17 (out of a total of 20), when he stops talking about God and/or Gandhi for a bit, things get really entertaining :). I suppose one should get through the rest of it as well, but there's a distinct divide between the aforementioned chapters and the rest. Good or bad depends on what you're looking for, I guess.

I know I'd normally keep from revealing such punchlines, but in this case I will make an exception. This seems to be the crux of the matter: if there was no one to see the universe, then would it still exist?! I imagine all in all this isn't exactly a brand new thought. But then the book did come out 7 years ago. It's still fun though, wading through science assisted reasoning that seems to lend credence to the fantasies of the wildest sci-fi buff. Non-fiction seems to be a bit of a stretch at times :).

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