Thursday, 16 February 2012

Undertones in grey

I haven't been watching films much, lately. Somehow TV shows seem more suitable, being both shorter and longer. I think I've been too fidgety the last several months, for one reason or another, to properly pay attention to detail, as is required when watching a film. Episodes, on the other hand, well...

But there's also the fact that of the ones I have been watching, nothing seemed to quite stand out. When thinking about describing them I'm left with stuff like well-made, or entertaining, or good fun. And that, of course only when they aren't, well, shit :). Okay, I'll admit Source Code would qualify as actually interesting, somewhat.

But then tonight I finally got around to watching Page Eight. And, clearly, felt moved enough to waste some virtual space actually writing about it :). I mean, this one really does stand out! This has that elusive mixture of awesome atmosphere and awesome acting.

Plus, always a personal favourite, there are no foregone conclusions. There is no obvious need for a happy ending. Despite being, in essence, a Brit spy movie, this thing is so far away from Bond as to not even invoke the slightest passing comparison :).

Trouble now of course is, what does one follow that up with? Hmm.

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