Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fleeting images

Let's just say that I'm really glad I'm back home. Despite the hot, sticky, stifling weather. Although I'm being told that this is nothing compared to what it was like a week ago. So really, I'm quite glad I'm back :).

It was pretty touch and go in the end. Almost a repeat of that last crew change off the Trident. But we did make it. I ended up back on Malaysian soil after a long time. The only thing I do remember about Miri though, is that it was a lot bigger and brighter than I expected. But after 3 weeks in Singapore, this really didn't compare :).

KLIA looked much the same. I suppose the shops might have changed a little in six years, but not much else. I think I quite liked that.

Having not read one bit since the previous crew change, I decided to give The Rest of the Robots another shot. The page mark said I'd read a fair bit. My mind simply chose to disagree completely. So I started over. The introduction is quite entertaining anyway. I for one didn't know that Percy Bysshe's wife wrote Frankenstein!

I resented the running commentary a little. I really don't want to know what went behind the writing of the stories. I want to make that up myself! Still, Asimov is Asimov. But now that I'm done with that, I can finally get to A Short History of Nearly Everything.

The next week or so should be interesting. In quite possibly an unfortunate manner, seeing my general relationship with visas. But at least I should get to stay home a fair bit longer than the 5 days I originally had :).

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