Thursday, 28 June 2012

When is a mistake well-made?

The thing with Artemis Fowl books is that they lack somewhat in the heft department. And why would any kids' book series be otherwise? Oh well. I supposed I should go looking for something else to read. Too bad I can't seem to find any Gaiman.

Rediscovering old favourites can be a fun thing. Looking for some change in the general background score scene in life, I went looking for inspiration in the rather more dusty parts of my archive. (Metaphorically. Although who knows how much dust actually gathers inside terabyte sized hard-disks over the years.)
I've acquired quite a taste
For a well-made mistake,
I wanna
Make a mistake, why can't I make a mistake?
I'm always doing what I think I should
Almost always doing everybody good
Genius huh? :) But that's Fiona Apple for you. Now why exactly had I skipped on this for so long? Hmm. I supposed it's more than a merely rhetorical question, but I'm not going to bother with trying to find my way down that alley.

Instead, I wonder what are the chances of Germany and Italy shooting each other to death in the upcoming Euro semi-final? I managed to stay up last night all the way till that last nail went in the Portuguese coffin. It was worth the late night, if only for the look on Cristiano's face at the end :D. Viva la España! I hope they batter to a pulp whichever team they face, if not with goals then at least with their maddeningly frustrating passing game :).

Feeling: vengeful
Listening to: Fiona Apple - A mistake

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