Sunday, 29 July 2012

Winding trails and blue skies

Apparently it has been a terrible summer here this year. Or so I've been told, but on the evidence of this last week, I can't really complain :). I managed to head out almost every day after getting back from work. A couple of days in the middle, it even got almost warm! And this place can look so great when the weather's nice.

Yesterday was the exception. It rained all day. Which seemed to make it a perfect opportunity to go watch the last of Nolan's Batman movies. I was impressed. But I suppose Colorado's kinda hard to forget. Such insanity :(.

This morning, though, the weather was more or less back to perfect! The trouble with running is that there isn't much opportunity for clicking photos. So I decided to head out on the borrowed bicycle to explore the environs of Asker I have hitherto been a stranger to.

Surprisingly enough, even after heading in and out of here for the last several years, there quite a bit I'd never seen. For instance, there are several lakes within a 10 kilometre radius of the town centre, but I'd only been to one. That was something I figured should be rectified before I disappear again for who knows how long.

It was a really great day to be out on a bike :). Add to that the memories that came flooding back of a time when I was well nigh inseparable from my two wheeler of choice in school! A couple of hours of twisting unfamiliar paths and fresh views later I swear I was almost regretting the fact that I'm heading off at the end of the week.

The thing with using Google Earth as the tool of choice when planning runs and bike rides in an unfamiliar place is that I hardly ever pay attention to the gradient. Makes a greater difference here than almost everywhere else, I'd say. But all in all I've done okay :). Hopefully it'll stay sunny the rest of the evenings this week, or at least not rain. Then it is off to Lisbon, but this time for a whole week, and nothing to do with crew change!

Feeling: rather pleased with myself :)
Listening to: John Mayer - Born and raised

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