Thursday, 9 August 2012

A return to Lisbon

It's terrible how time flies when you are having a good time, eh? What seems like hardly any time after I landed in Lisbon, I'm leaving again. Well, packing anyway, the leaving happens in the morning. In between, six days flashed by.

I am now, shall we say, much better acquainted with Lisbon. Something that furtive rushed sorties after end of shift with the ship alongside, or overnight stays during prolonged, tiring crew-changes didn't quite allow me on my several trips here last year.

The entire story of my stay is probably one for another time, but this I must say, the liberty to just walk without having to worry about the immediate consequences of staying out too late, is quite exhilarating :). Be it on the promenade by the river with its often entertainingly marked walkways, or through convoluted narrow streets cutting through densely packed local residences, or up and down wide boulevards littered with sculptures half hidden by foliage.

So I suppose it is fair to say that the first part of my break's gone quite well :). I cannot wait to see what Boston will bring!

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