Friday, 17 August 2012

Boston and August

One of these days. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that phrase, to be quite honest. Those less cynical would count on it to bring hope. Others would merely see folly and a synonym for never.

Anyhoo, one of these days, I'll figure out quite what I want with my life. Till then, traveling seems to be doing the trick :). Another week, this time in Boston (although, technically, I should say Cambridge, MA, shouldn't I?) has come and nearly gone.

In a year full of places I seem to be re-visiting, this is an exception. Never been here before. And I like it! The food, for one thing, is quite awesome. There's also the river, which allows one to amble at leisure. Plus, the weather's been nicer than the other side of the Atlantic.

There were also some old familiar faces I ran into, by design and otherwise. So I would say it has been a nice week. Of course, catching up with the cousin is always fun.

Seeing how this is my last week of break before heading back to the ship, I suppose I was rather lazy overall. Although, I did manage to finish with Good Omens, and then also with Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions and Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger. Three more different books would be hard to find, I think. In a way.

The first one, true to what I have come to expect from Gaiman now, was thoroughly entertaining :). Odd characters, a strange yet oddly familiar world and a healthy dose of magical irreverence. In fact, I think I should start with Terry Pratchett soon. Although, I rather feel I'll end up getting that copy of Anansi Boys I saw in the bookstore first.

Vonnegut, on the other hand, I found more worrying than entertaining. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I rushed through it in a single day. There is only so much darkness one can take at a go.

After that, Adiga's book was almost a walk in the park really. I like the way the story goes. But somehow, I would have liked to not know the fundamental facts of the narrative within the first few pages. I suppose I'm a bit of a sucker for suspense.

In between all that, I mounted a search for that elusive Kindle Touch. Unfortunately, it appears to be one of those maddeningly popular gadgets that keeps walking out of stores just before I get to them. I suppose there's space for a couple of more paperbacks in the old book case :).

Now all that is left is a couple of pit-stops before I head off to Aberdeen for crew change. I was hoping to get a bit of a look around, but it appears that will not be. Maybe one of these days.


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Photos to follow. Soon, hopefully. There, finally :).

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