Friday, 3 August 2012

Cloud castles

And it's time to leave again :). I'm not saying I won't miss this just a little bit. It has been a nice couple of weeks. While I had some work, everyone who could possibly qualify as my boss promptly went on vacation :D. It was very relaxing, I can tell you!

The bike helped of course. And the weather for the most part. I clocked about 50 miles, either on foot or on the bicycle, on roads that I'd never been on before. Plus, like I said, this place can be quite beautiful when the weather decides to cooperate.

So tomorrow it's off to warmer climes. About time too! I'm now again jacket-less, having handed over some luggage to a friend for safe keeping. Those bags would probably qualify as Norwegian by now! They've been here without a break for almost four years now :D.

I must say, I'm frankly quite ridiculously excited about the next couple of weeks :D. I suppose we shall see how it all pans out.

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