Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Of storm birds and lengthy pieces of string

I don't particularly mind weather downtime :). A bit of peace and quiet. Well, not exactly, what with the thundering swell smashing about the hull and all. Quite a nice bit of rocking to help you fall asleep too, unless the feeling as your bed drops off from underneath you worries you, that is. :D

I do find my cabin this trip, one right at the bows, quite entertaining in that respect. Till stuff starts falling off the various tables, shelves etcetera. I don't much like getting woken up in the middle of the night.

The other reason why I like weather downtime, is that there can be somewhat interesting by-products of my attempts at keeping my fingers busy :). And of course, there's a fair bit of entertainment to be had from polling opinions on what random bits of string might look like to different people :D.

Right, then. One more week to go. In the mean time, I shall steadfastly continue my attempts at not getting wet while attempting to catch some fresh air!

Currently: into no-mores!
Listening to: Chicane - Flyover

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