Saturday, 20 October 2012

Of miracles, magic and time travel

Who would have thought? Ordinarily when things stop working around me, they stay not working. Not in this case. Having given up on it for dead, I decided to give the power button one more try before I returned it for good. It booted right up! And three days later, it's still booted up! (Yes, I'd been pretty sure it was dead when I'd checked last week. Yes, I'd had the power connected, or the battery. And yes, by now I have a rather unhealthily detailed understanding of how to take apart a laptop. Actually, all you need is a cross-head screw driver. And patience.)

But that hasn't stopped me from clinging to the Kindle for much of the time I have had to myself this last week. Which hasn't been that much. But such things as work do happen, now and then. There wasn't a whole lot of The Ring of Solomon left unread by the time I left home, and it ended on a flight, rather like the last Bart book. I quite liked it! The last couple of books with Nathaniel had been a little on the downer side. This one was, happily, a lot more like the first book :). Snappy, fun, with minimal darkness and a happy ending :D. Have I mentioned? I love happy endings. Especially when I'm otherwise worried sick about missing tight flight connections. (Which was in this case quite unfounded in reality. I had an hour or more left in both transits, neither of which were much over an hour to start with.)

And then I embarked upon To Say Nothing of The Dog. It's an odd mix :). Part sci-fi, part period mystery, thoroughly hilarious and quite simply unputdownable! To say nothing of the dog. :D It's not exactly comparable to anything I've read before, but now I want more :). Also, I totally want to get a hold of Have Space Suit - Will Travel! In the mean time, the American Gods re-read has passed the half-way mark. And I'm beginning to come across bits and pieces of the story I must have rushed past before. More parts of the puzzle are falling into place a little more neatly. And that's even without help from :). (Yep, tumbling into the bunk knackered has never been more fun. Although, I think I should charge the thing. Soon.)

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