Friday, 26 October 2012

Scenes behind scenes, reading between lines

The thing with re-reading Gaiman, I am beginning to find, is that since you know the story, there is a somewhat lower likelihood of bypassing some of the attendant darkness. I mean, this is some seriously disturbing stuff! And there I went, the first time around, catapulted right past all (well, maybe most) of it in my hurry to find out what happens next.

But, and you might call this a superlative coincidence, or not. I came across this article. Notice the bit about why ghost stories are so awesome? So that's really not something you want to read right before heading into the last four chapters of American Gods. (Not counting the epilogue. But by then all the proper action's done anyway. And Laura's no longer not-dead. Which is a bit of a shame really. Woman kicks some serious ass!)

The reason you don't want to figure out why ghost stories are so much cooler than real disasters is that it sort of takes the fun out of this perfectly good ghost story just a little bit. I think. I really, really hope they'll do a re-read of Neverwhere sometime soon. I mean, I have this totally fun, mostly harmless, slightly off kilter, but really, quite a happy notion about that whole story in my head. Now that I think about it, I find that I might be slightly mistaken. Either way, should be fun.

This, now, has nothing to do with Gaiman. Nick Hornby's About a Boy, apparently, is a very popular book. It is also quite popular, it would seem, amongst people who have never ever heard of Nirvana. Or Kurt Cobain. I mean, why else would there be, literally, hundreds of people searching for "who is Kirk O'Bane" all the time?!!!!

Please, people, leave my humble post on that book alone and go here instead to find out a little more about the man who, famously, quoted Neil Young then promptly and tragically shot himself in the head. I sometimes wonder, did he really mean it the way wannabe punks quote him all over the world? Probably not.

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