Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Objects in the mirror...

It was a fitting end to the trip I suppose. We decided to test the limits of endurance a little and do the return trip to Boston all in one day. Would have been a piece of cake too, but we hadn't accounted for all the other people also driving back to the north-east after Thanksgiving weekend :(. Could have been worse, it only cost us a couple of hours, thanks to a few judicious detours.

All in all, my first Thanksgiving break went quite well, I think :). The volumes of food consumed continue to amaze me a week later! The weather, while I was in Asheville was quite ridiculously beautiful! And perfectly dry, unlike the rather dodgy weather we've had here in Boston these last couple of days.

Good weather for staying in, so for the most part we did. While we were at it, the cousin and I decided to watch Primer! And I'd thought Inception had a layered plot :). This film's been out for almost a decade and I'm surprised I'd never heard of it before! 

Well, actually, I guess I'm not. This isn't exactly your run of the mill Hollywood thriller. Made independently on a really low budget, this is probably the best told story I've seen, when it comes to sci-fi thrillers! Okay, so there's no way in hell anyone could possibly get the entire plot on watching it the first time :). Nonetheless, Primer is definitely worth a watch.

Right, so now it's time for me to start travelling solo again. My flight back to India is out of JFK this evening, but at least there should be a nice last drive in the Mustang to round things off before that. It's been a pretty intense couple of weeks, all things considered. And as if on cue, the details for my next trip (read next visa application) arrived a few days ago. The next couple of weeks should be interesting, in more ways than one :).

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