Wednesday, 21 November 2012

To say nothing of the dog

How does one go about describing such moments of thrill as are rarely experienced, but then extremely difficult to re-capture? Well, I suppose I could keep it simple: the plan worked! Boy, did it work :D. A car that doesn't like to stay hidden under the hood. A long ride on roads of such variety that would keep anyone entertained. Stunning views from sunrise to sunset. And a soundtrack to match.

I guess for a start, and for the first time, I was visiting my cousin and there were no delays! Picked up the car at JFK and off we went towards Boston. The next couple of days were mostly spent recovering from all the travelling and drama from the days before (which involved, amongst other things, someone almost losing my passport before I could get off the boat :S). We also managed to catch a screening of Skyfall. And fantastic as the movie was, I was still humming the tune of Adele's score the next morning as we merged into the thin stream of lights headed west out of Boston :).

In two days, we managed to cover ten states, over a thousand miles, and went from interstates to the back roads along those interstates. Quieter highways winding their way through sleepy towns. And finally, the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway, snaking along their lofty paths, twisting and turning between the hill tops.

We managed two sunrises and a sunset on the road. I suppose the one to really remember would be the one in the mountains. It was one of those mornings. Dark, with a hint of glorious gold. A sea of low clouds parting strategically now and again to let through enough sunlight to dazzle briefly. There was almost this sense of the fantastic hanging between the heavens and the ranges upon ranges of hills disappearing into the horizon.

But I suppose the most exciting bit was finding the dog. This hound was sort of half-heartedly chasing cars along this stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway. To cut a rather long story short, it ended up taking a nice long ride in the car to nowhere in particular. The owner, when we finally managed to get in touch, seemed strangely nonchalant about the dog wandering miles away from home. Last we saw, Rocks, as we had temporarily dubbed him, was headed towards the local sheriff's office, courtesy some other good folks who agreed that the Parkway was no place for a dog to get accidentally run over.

By the time we were back on the interstate, even the wide roads couldn't keep the hills too far. We eventually arrived at Asheville not much worse for wear, but totally on a high. The stay has been entertaining as family visits tend to be when 9-year-olds are involved :). There's also of course all the fuss over the turkey.

I am rather looking forward to the rest of the week here. And the drive back :D.

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